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Campagnolo Centaur Shifters 10sp - Red-Black

Campagnolo Centaur Shifters 10sp - Red-Black    New

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 Centaur™: Ergopower™ Controls The ergonomic design of the Campagnolo® Ergopower™ controls also used for our 11s groupsets provides the most correct and secure support for the hands in all driving positions. The Centaur™ Ergopower™ controls feature the Power Shift System™ mechanism, which makes it possible to move the chain by three sprockets in downshifting and one in upshifting. Lever version in aluminium.

Ergo Power™ Power-Shift™ Controls 
A system that is both user-friendly and high performing, with no compromises. Once again, the design for Campagnolo‘s controls has reached extraordinary levels: the “one lever – one control” system, greatly appreciated by riders all over the world, remains. The system has the same ergonomics successfully tested on our Ergopower™ controls and comfort is ensured by the Vary-Cushion™ hoods along with the numerous ergonomic solutions of the well-tested Ultra-Shift™. With the Power-Shift™ system designed by Campy Tech Lab™ and featured on our 2011 Athena™ 11 Speed, Centaur™ and Veloce™ 10 Speed groupset ranges, you can move up 3 sprockets at a time and move down by one. Controls have been designed to maximize shifting performances: precision and speed will enhance the qualities of your Campagnolo® drivetrain and will allow you to face all kinds of routes with zero concerns.


  • Greater shock resistance – racing style: Vari-Cushion™ hood: made of non-allergenic elastic material, with variable cushioning that provides the maximum comfort and safety even after many hours on the bike. Thanks to a special treatment, it is resistant to UV rays and maintains its original colours without fading.
  • Power-Shift ™ Mechanism: extremely fast and precise, it allows you to upshift by three sprockets at a time or downshift by one with just a single action.
  • Ultra-Shift™ Ergonomics: ensures a firm grip on the handlebars and fast, precise control of the levers. The special ergonomic design makes it possible to assume three different hand positions on the levers compared to the two traditional ones.
  • Double Curvature Brake Lever: allows you to engage and modulate the brake safely from any hand position.
  • Custom Colours available for hoods and casings Special colours upon request of bicycle manufacturers (Available separately)
  • For calliper brakes
  • Composite body
  • Ball bearings
  • Power-Shift mechanism
  • Ergonomic brake lever with high fulcrum
  • Closer brake lever
  • Brake opening control integrated with the brake lever
  • Insert for large hands
  • Vari-Cushion(TM) silicone hoods
  • No-Bulge(TM) housing path
  • Minimum friction housings
  • Front derailleur micro-adjustment possibility
  • Multiple shifting
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