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Cycle Scheme
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Impressive Cycle Scheme of Chelsea Bicycles                                 

Chelsea Bicycle has introduced the stunning and impressive cycle scheme for its users. The customers can get tax-free bicycle, which is available at 40% less cost. The company has prepared this cycle scheme for the employees and students under different terms and conditions. The employees can get this tax-free bike to go on their work and they should know the procedure so that they can apply for the cycle scheme, under which they can save 40% of the cost.

Tax-free bike for employees:

The employees can visit the local cyclescheme partner store to check the standard of the bikes. They can apply for the cyclescheme certificate online for the facility. The employees have to sign the online Hire Agreement. The employer will countersign the Hire agreement and make payment of full price of bicycle and its equipment. Then the cyclescheme will post the letter on the addresses of the employee. Then the company will provide bike in replacement of the certificate and the payment of the bicycle will be sacrifice to income tax and national insurance contribution to make the bicycle tax-free. Touring bikes in UK

Participants of Scheme:

The employees of government and private sector can be member of this cyclescheme. The employees must get pay through the PAYE system and after sacrifice, their pay must be more than the National Minimum Wage. The employee can make contact with the company and inquire about the range of different attractive options, which are provided to the lower paid employees. The employees keep in mind that there is no credit check and Under 18 boys and girls can participate in this scheme after providing the guarantor agreement of their guardians.

Bikes available through scheme:

Chelsea Bicycles has huge network of 1740 partner stores and they provide about 400 different cycle brands to the customers. The customers can find the vast range of bicycles like electric bikes, folding bikes and specialist cycles. The customers can give order online to the partner store, which they find near to their homes. The company has its own procedure to provide bicycle through bike package, call for advice, after sales service and warranty. When the company provides the bike on hire, then bicycle and its equipments remain the property of the employer. When the employer uses finance company for payment of funds of the bike to the company, then this bicycle becomes property of funding bike. Touring bicycle for sale

Responsible for Maintaining & Stolen bike:

After sale or hire out of the bike, it becomes the sole responsibility of the employees to maintain bike. Cyclescheme partner shops provide their service at the sale or hire out of the bicycle but they only advice their customers at the time of sale about the maintenance and service of the bike. When the bike is stolen, then employer replaces the bike of the customers with new one and this cycle is provided to continue the deduction from the pay of the employee. In this way, he continues taking the benefits of the income tax and national insurance contribution savings. The employees should insure their bicycles and safety equipments as and when they collect the bicycle from the store.                                                                        





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