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Kryptonite Evolution S4 STD

Kryptonite Evolution S4 STD    New

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Kryptonite Evolution S4 STD

U-Lock Evolution STD 10.2x22.9cm with DD handle


One of the most durable and solid security on the market.

Recommended by many users and also by our bicycle store.

The 14 mm diameter bow is made of hardened steel.

Oval crossbar with increased resistance, double deadbolt headband.

New lock with 2 bolts.

The centrally located lock prevents attempts to pry or drill through a new sliding cover protecting the lock mechanism against dirt.

Includes 3 keys, 1 of which is equipped with a LED and FlexFrame U mount .


  • dimensions: 10.2 cm x 22.2 cm
  • "U" handle with a diameter of 14 mm made of hardened steel
  • "U" headband covered with a vinyl coating that protects the bicycle frame from upholstery
  • zipper with an oval crossbar with increased resistance
  • roller lock with 2 bolts
  • the centrally located lock prevents undermining attempts
  • sliding cover protecting the lock mechanism against dirt
  • 3 keys, of which 1 is equipped with a LED
  • average weight: 1660 g


Transit FlexFrame U mount included for transporting the buckle on the bicycle. 

  • adjustable mounting without having to remove it from the bicycle.
  • strong strap ensures fastening stability during transport.
  • fixing to frames from 25 to 80 mm regardless of the shape of the frame.
  • 360 degree rotating head
  • Transit FlexFrame U - fastening designed for transporting most U-lock fasteners with a diameter of 13 and 16 mm
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