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Abus Granit X-plus 540/160HB230+USH540

Abus Granit X-plus 540/160HB230+USH540    New

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Abus Granit X-Plus 540 D-Lock With USH Bracket

This is a Sold Secure Gold Standard lock and replaces the legendary X-Plus 54 with a much more stylish look whilst retaining its outstanding safety features
The Shackles of the lock are constructed of 13mm parabolic metal, making it super resistant to cropping and twisting
The shackles are securely held in place by the solid Power cell double locking mechanism, this mechanism offers the highest protection against hitting and pulling attacks
The X-plus locking system has an automatic keyhole cover which allows for ease of use while offering great protection against dirt, corrosion and picking
An illuminated key and code card are provided with the lock so when you need to unlock your bike at night or early in the morning, you'll have no problem finding the key hole
The Granit X comes with a sturdy frame mount, so that you can fix your lock to your frame without it looking ugly or without the chance of it scratching your frame.

Key Features:

Weight: 1450 grams

Unlock Method: Key

Size: 230mm


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