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Abus Granit X-plus 540 U Lock 540/160HB300

Abus Granit X-plus 540 U Lock 540/160HB300    New

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Abus Granit X-plus 540 U Lock 540/160HB300


·         Ideal for securing high quality bicycles

·         Good protection at high theft risk

·         13mm hardened steel round shackle

·         Ergonomic shape for best handling 

·         Anti-pick Abus Plus cylinder

·         ABUS power cell technology

·         Automatic keyhole cover protects against dirt and corrosion

Ø Product Description:

Attach your bike to fixed objects with ease and peace of mind with the Abus U-Lock Granit Plus. Ideal for securing high quality bicycles to fixed objects, this u-lock provides good protection at high theft risk. 

The GRANIT XPlus™ 540 U-Lock combines the highest-quality materials with the latest technology for protection against theft! It is a first-class lock which protects your bicycle when the risk of theft is high. Various quality seals demonstrate the value of the GRANIT XPlus™ 540 U-Lock.

Ø U Locks:

The U-lock is classics when it comes to securing bikes, and for good reason. Solid materials and no moving parts outside the lock mechanism are an excellent starting point for the strongest resistance possible. 

Ø 13mm Hardened Steel Shackle:

Featuring a 13mm thick hardened steel round shackle, the Abus U-Lock Granit Plus is strong and durable. It features a lightweight messenger lock and an Abus Plus cylinder for maximum protection against lock manipulations such as picking. 

Ø ABUS Power Cell Technology:

ABUS power cell technology offers the highest level of protection against impacts and attempts to break open the lock.

What's in the Box?

·         Abus U-Lock Granit X-Plus 540

·         Key


Ø  Security Level: 15

Ø  Material: Hardened steel

Ø  Cylinder: Abus Plus

Ø  Diameter: 13mm

Ø  Dimensions: 1.4" x 6.9" x 11.6"

Ø  Weight: 3.43 pounds


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