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Pulse Mini Floor Track Hand Bike Pump

Pulse Mini Floor Track Hand Bike Pump    New

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Pulse Mini Floor Track Hand Bike Pump

Description Summary

·         Inflating tyres by the road, or trail side can be infuriating and hard work, especially for high pressure road tyres. 

·         Our Force mini pump therefore can also double up as a mini track pump. 

·         With a small, foldable foot stand, you can pump with one hand using the floor for resistance, not your other hand!  When you don’t need it, the foot stand folds away neatly, leaving you with a more traditional mini pump

·         Max pressure; 120psi

Main Description

·         Lightweight 6063 T6 Alloy Barrel

·         Twist & Lock Valve; Adapts to schrader & presta by twisting the valve head

·         Innovative T-handle design avoids trapped fingers

·         Pull-out Foot Stand to Operate like a Mini Track Pump, Can Also Be Used as a Mini Hand Pump.

·         Max Pressure: 120 PSI

·         Includes Frame Mounted Bracket & Secure Strap

·         Extendable Hose Is Removed From Pump Head

·         Weight: Just 270g!

·         Dimensions: 37cm (Fully Extended - 57cm)

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