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Bicycle Repair Shop in London


                  Walk in Bicycle Repair/Service Centre

Chelsea Bicycles provide new and used bicycles to the customers and it provides complete bicycle repair facility to their customers. It has perfect and skilled staff in the workshop, which is able to carry out small adjustments in the bicycle and can do major repair work also. The clients should keep in mind technical aspects of the bicycle repair and its maintenance. The company provides repair work on the same day or on the next day, depending on the nature of work and it also provides a huge number of parts, wheels, tyres and tubes of high quality. The company provides courtesy bikes to carry out your work during the course of repair of the bicycles of the customers. 

Service on Same Day

If the service or repair work is of small nature, then they complete it in short time, then company performs it on the same day and save the customers from inconvenience. If the work is prolonged, then company informs the customers about the nature of repair work and how much time, it will take to complete the repair work. The company tries to avoid extra charges, which they charge from the customers. The clients have to book their bicycles for repair. Bicycle needs regular check and service. Bicycle is also a machine and it needs special care. If the clients do not pay attention on its maintenance it the parts of the bicycle can be worn out quickly. Bike Repair Shop in London

Standard Service

The company has its own rules to check different parts of bicycles. It checks the frame and forks for alignment, movement of headset, bottom bracket and pedals, whether they need service or not for their free movement. The checking of fasteners and bolts are carried out and these are tightened for correction of torque. The tuning of brakes and gears are carried out and also give them service. The workshop team lubricates the chain, cables and other joints. The team checks the wear and tear of tyres and inflation to the correct pressure. It also carries out MOT 32 point safety checks. 

General Service

In the general service, the team carries out the wipe down of the frame and forks of bicycle. If they find requirement of the replacement of disc pads, brake blocks and cables, then they replace it. The company does the checking of wheels, their condition and change of the tyres and tube if they require changing. The workshop of the company carries out all necessary work of repair and maintenance of the bicycles. London Bicycle Service 

Full Service

During the full service of the bicycle, the bottom bracket is checked and it is fitted again after lubrication or replaces it if worn out. The headset is removed, inspected and cleaned before fit it again. Hubs are fitted after cleaning and inspection. The drive train is removed, clean and checks, then it is fitted once again. Then the team carries out the checking of the whole bicycle and replaces the worn out parts of the bicycle. Fresh cables and housings are added to the bicycle during the inspection and rectification of the defects. Then the company carries out the professional cleaning of the bicycle and ensures all parts of a bicycle are working properly. Repair Bicycle in London


 BMX/24inch Bike Service/General Kids /Children's Bike Service
 Standard Service/Service A
 General Service/Service B
 Full Bike Service/ Service C
 (Service C)Brompton and Pashley or Dutch Enclosed Gear Bicycles
Strip and Rebuild Service
Hydraulic Brake Service (Per brake, disc or Maguras)
Gear Service (Per derailleur)
Headset fit / Service
Bottom Bracket Fit / Service
Wheel Axle Fit / Service (Front)
Wheel Axle Fit / Service (Rear)
Brake Service ( Per Brake)
Rear Shock Service
Seatpost Unseize BY TORCH(MELTING)
Wheel True
Inner Tube Fit (Simple) (Inner Tube Included)
Inner Tube Fit (Complex e.g. Brompton, Pashley) enclosed gear system and Electric Bike
Bike Clean and Re-Lube
Build Up Frame
Dropout Straighten w/o gear service
Cassette / Freewheel Fit
Join Chain
Remove / Fit Pedals
Chain set Fit W/O GEAR SERVICE
Hydrlic Disc Brake Services 
Cycle Computer Complex (Flight Deck/Cadence sensor)
Fit Stabilizers
*Light Set Fit
*Mudgaurds Fit(Plastic)
*Rack Fit F/R
*Dynamo Lights Fit
 Bike Assemble from Box to wheels
Mudguards Fit 
Wheel Building
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Due to limited space there will be a storage charge of £10 per day for bikes collected after Due date. Bikes left at the shop for more than one months will be sold or disposed of.
*Charges shown with asterisks apply if the service is not taken when buying a new bike from us.

*For All bicycles made before 1980 there can be higher labour charges please ask us for details.


We can arrange a repair day at your office school college University or work place.

If you’d like to arrange a repair day 

  • Email us at info@chelseabikes.co.uk or, 
  • Call us on 0207576 3700 or, 
  • If you'd like your HR team or Boss to arrange our visit this email will help you get started.
All service charges shown above are without any Parts included if during the service mechanic think you need a new part you will be informed first by calling you the number provided and your consent will be taken first before we go ahead.


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